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Inner calm, enthusiasm and more energy for whatever life trow at YOU

Reiki clears and heals energy pathways and recharges with positive energy.
Process treats the whole person including mind, emotions and body living you with feeling of peace, feeling relaxed secure and well-being.
A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surround you.

This service is by appointment only.

Please call 815 581-3999​

​1 hour - $ 60.00
Foot Detox Spa
Detox Spa system helps eliminate harmful environmental toxins from your body and leaves you feeling energized.
Detoxifying from liver, gallbladder, joints, lymphatic system, kidneys and urinary tract.
Before                                                                     After 30 minutes
30 min - $20.00
TEL. (815) 581-3999